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On the bus to Mt Vernon: Kansas character education case study

Posted by Jesse Marble on Thu, Nov 1, 2012 @ 14:11 PM

character edToday, a group of Forum attendees spent the morning at Mt. Vernon, George Washington's historic Virginia home. On the bus ride down, I was able to meet Carrie and Barb-- two teachers from Clifton-Clyde High School in Kansas who teach character education to their entire student body. It was so cool here about what their school is doing and I wanted to pass along a few tidbits.

-They use the IEE curriculum, which provides some great material that meet the needs of their community and students. It provides great scripts and specific help for educators on how to implement the specific lesson like visuals and powerpoints.

-The state was given a grant to support the character education program including the purchase of the curriculum, travel to the Forum (!), etc.

-Service learning has been a key program for Clifton-Clyde. The students spent an entire school day in community painting, pulling weeds, and other clean. Not only was it a great learning opportunity for student, but the community was able to see their efforts. Many residents provided encouraging positive feedback directly to students.

-The students partcipated in a project that packaged food bags for needy families across the globe. The small student body packaged over 2,000 bags of food -- each one able to feed a family of six. The food bags were sent to families in Africa.

-The school has applied as a CEP Promising Practice recipient for their efforts. Clifton-Clyde teaches character principles during their seminar times to Freshman and Sophomore students and has dedicated time and resources to ths effort for three years NOW.

-Impact: "Students tend to look out for each other. There's an awareness about character principles that wasn't present before we started our formal character education programs."

Just about every educator who is coming to Forum has a similar story: students being exposed to quality character education programs and activities that grow their engagement in their community and preparing them to be engaged citizens. Have a story you want to share with us? Email jesse@globalsevenagency.com and we'll meet up for a quick interview!

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