What's Happening in Character?

Upgrading the Website

Posted by Rebecca Sipos on Tue, Apr 12, 2011 @ 17:04 PM

CEP is in the beginning stages of re-designing our website on a grand scale. We received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to aid us in making this essential upgrade. As we advance in this process, we hope to provide you with updates and details on our plans, as well as highlight some of our new resources and designs. Throughout this time, we would be happy to hear any feedback or suggestions you might have. We want this new website to be a well-designed and easy-to-use resource for all of our constituents. Right now we are looking at different ways to organize the information and resources we currently have available on the website. Then we will begin examining areas where CEP needs to further develop the resources we are able to offer in response to your needs.

One example of work already being done can be seen by exploring the various pages detailing the National Schools of Character program. In conjunction with the re-focusing of this program to provide a pathway to excellence, we have been working on the wording and conceptualization of these pages. Check out http://www.character.org/programs and http://www.character.org/nsoc to start exploring today! Another example is our soon-to-be-completed efforts to provide more relevant links to other groups, by organizing them into useful topics and providing short explanations of the resources available on their websites.

What resources would you like to see on our website? Let us know what you think we should be offering, or what you would like to see more of. Check back soon as we start thinking about better ways to make the case for character education and how best to showcase examples of intentional, comprehensive character development.