What's Happening in Character?

SuEllen Fried

SuEllen Fried served as Chairman of Prevent Child Abuse America 1980-82 and continues to serve as Life Board member. Fried has co-authored three books on bullying - "Bullies and Victims,"co-author, Paula Fried, PHD, 1996; "Bullies, Targets & Witnesses" co-author, Paula Fried, PhD, 2003; "Banishing Bullying Behavior," co-author, Blanche Sosland, PhD., second edition, 2011. She founded BullySafeUSA in 2002 and has worked with over 75,000 students, educators, parents, administrators and professionals in 36 states.

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Words Do Matter!

Posted by SuEllen Fried on Thu, Oct 6, 2016 @ 11:10 AM

Over the years my bullying language has evolved and I’m grateful to the students, educators and parents who have helped me rethink my vocabulary. To begin with, my first book on bullying was written in 1996, three years before Columbine. The title was “Bullies and Victims, Helping Your Child Through the Schoolyard Battlefield” But, today I would never use those words!

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