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Workplace Character: A Tangible Goal

Posted by Oksanna Wildrick on Thu, Aug 3, 2017 @ 09:08 AM

Throughout my life so far I have often thought about my dream job. When I was in elementary school my dream job was being an art teacher, and my classroom would be covered in projects, colors and designs. I dreamed up how the classroom would be set up, what everyone would call me and how happy I would be. When I got into middle school my dream job was to be a history teacher. I thought of certain areas of history I would focus on and class trips that we could take. In high school my dream job was to be a photographer. I would travel all over the world taking photos and selling them to places like National Geographic. When I got into college my dream job was a place where I would have my own office, at a company I loved, that would give me travel opportunities.

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