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Dr. Philip Vincent

Dr. Philip Vincent is the former Director of the Character Development Group and Character Development Publishing. He is also a 2007 Sandy Award winner. Phil has published numerous books and has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada working with schools and school district on comprehensive character education. Phil lives in the northwest mountains of North Carolina with his wife Cindy and their dogs. He is presently awaiting news of a (hopefully) forthcoming grandchild! You can reach Phil at pfvccvmkv@aol.com and yes he still prefers that email address!!!!!

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A Tale of Two Schools: Valuing Development Over Control

Posted by Dr. Philip Vincent on Mon, Aug 8, 2016 @ 09:08 AM

By Dr. Philip Vincent

At least 15 years ago I received a letter (people still wrote those then!) from an educator who had recently heard me in her school district.  She shared with me how she had moved to a new large school district, interviewed at two schools and accepted the job at one of the schools. The letter really impacted me and I was honored that she shared it with me.  Now the actual letter is long gone but I remember it in great detail and will now share it with you in her words. The following is her story.

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