What's Happening in Character?

Understanding Consent Begins with Respect

7 Ways Parents Can Teach Girls How to Build One Another Up, Instead of Tearing One Another Down

"Adulting" Lessons: Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Life Skills and Science

Humility in Sports—Why Does it Matter?

3 Phrases Every Student Needs to Hear

Promoting Core Values through Respect, Responsibility and Caring

Character Day: We're all Works in Progress

Student Voice in Character Education: When in Doubt, Ask the Students!

9 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Cope with Jealousy

How Do I Make an Effective Apology?

8 Tips for Cultivating a Climate of Care

Helping Children Invent the Future

Intrinsic Motivation—It's an Inside Job

Relax, You're Going to Be Criticized

Finding Beauty in the Chaos with Principle 7

Creating Opportunities for Moral Action

Promoting Core Values Produce a Caring Work Environment

3 Goal-Setting Steps to Make Dreams a Reality

Empowering Students with Project Management Skills

Raise them Up in the Way they Should Go

Workplace Character: The Genuine Desire to Simply be Genuine

Overcoming Fears with the 11 Principles

Building Affirmations to Promote Character

Character Education in a World of Artificial Intelligence

5 Tips for Improving Social Media Character

Earth Day’s Butterfly Effect

Seven Steps Parents can Take to Ensure Kids Work for the Right Kind of Popularity

Developing Good Character in Baseball 

Using Social Studies to Develop Active Citizens 

Why Principle 4 Matters in the Workplace

Helping our Children Create a New Normal through Stories

What Makes a Woman of Character? 

The Craft of Resilience in Sports

How to Practice Perseverance in the Midst of Failure

A Thriving Large-Scale Innovative and Successful Character Initiative

Reinforcing Values In Children 

The Classroom as a Caring Community

Unintended Consequences of a Promising Practices

Developing Character and Workforce Readiness in Students

Parenting with the 11 Principles 

The Healing Power of Sports

The Power of Trust and Curiosity in Small Groups

There's no Accounting for Character Education

Build Community: Discover Your Character

The Art of Thankfulness

Using HARLEM to Create Hope

How the 11 Principles Can Transform a School

Why Do You Want Your Kids to Play Sports?

Are You of Noble Character? Top Three Character Skills for Workplace Success

Connections, Collaboration & Community

3 "Low Prep" Ways to Build Connection in your Classroom

Educators as Advocates: Be a Home Learning Character Champion

Finding Our Best in the Worst of Circumstances

Actively Moving the Needle on Character Education

What Works In Teaching The "New" Immigrants?

Join Millions Globally in Celebrating Character Day

What’s the Real Problem with Fake News? We Are Wired to Believe It

How to Raise a Good Human in a Digital World

Raising Kids with Character

Workplace Character: A Tangible Goal

Tips to Help Your Kids with Honesty

Character Development Through Sport

Becoming a Better Player Through Character

In the Middle: 4 Tips for Parents

How Parents Can Help Kids Learn From Lapses in Character

10 Ways To Raise Kids To Care: Simple Ways Parents Can Help Today’s ME Generation Learn to Be Kind

Advice to Graduates in 2017

Developing Character from Those Closest to Us

Five Tips for Teaching Core Values

12 Simple Acts to Show Your Teacher Appreciation

Five Tips Teachers and Parents Can Use Together to Prevent Cyberbullying

We’re Wired for Friendship, Whether We’re 5 or 45

What I Owe to Nature

Relevance, Relationships and Service Learning

Service Learning for Character and Academic Lessons

Letting Life Get Messy: Lessons from Kindergarten

Every School…Safe, Supportive, Engaging, Inspiring: Peer mentoring promotes positive school climate and appreciation of diversity

Core Values Drive Everything!

Digital Citizenship: Leading Us Into Character Education Version 2.0

The Day I Met the Movement

Creating a Culture of Kindness

3 Ways to Improve Learning, Social Relationships and Character with Music

Ten Steps to Self-Care

Farewell--The Case for Character goes on

10 Best Blogs of 2016: Character.org Edition

Elections Matter: A Time to Revisit Ethics and Character Education

I Am Grateful.

Leaving Your Ex(trinsics)

Resource Roundup: Navigating the 2016 Election

A Young Girl Helps Kids with Incarcerated Parents

What Inspires You To Be An Educator?

Words Do Matter!

Every Day is Character Day

Everything You Need to Know about Character Day

Lessons from Germany: The Values of Educational Exchange

The Five Most Creative Ways to Give Children the Edge They Need to Succeed

The Essentials of Building Relationships with Parents

Six Ways Students Can Spread Kindness in Your School

Five Things You Can Do That Will Make You a Better Educator Right Now

Turtles and other ‘Characters’ – Integrating Wisdom Stories to Establish a Positive Class Climate

Encouraging Good Character on the First Day: 3 MORE ways to prepare your classroom for excellence

Character and Academics--How to Integrate

Encouraging Good Character on the First Day: 3 ways to prepare your classroom for excellence

A Tale of Two Schools: Valuing Development Over Control

How Surroundings Affect Students’ Learning

What Do Kids Really Need to Be Happy and Successful? Empathy.

ESSA: Why your voice matters

Build Positive Character This Summer through Books

Making Summer Learning Fun: A Lesson from Public Libraries

Three New Books for your Summer Reading

Professional Development at The National Forum on Character Education

What Makes Professional Development Effective?

Teachers are Learners Too!

President's Column: Teacher Appreciation

Empowering Students Through Self-Assessment

Considerations for Adopting a School Climate Survey

Cooperative Games to Prevent Bullying

16 Earth Day Reads Recommended by Educators

Book Review: The End of Average

Why I'm Still Worried About Testing

Students Take Action: Hunger Stops Here

Choosing Love

Improving School Climate by Creating Competition-Free Zones

Creating Caring High Schools: Spotlight on Bayless High

Increasing Empathy & Disability Awareness through Project HEART

Caring for the Planet: Extending Beyond Walls!

Cold Water Creates an Inclusive & Welcoming School Community

Athletes Against Bullying

Four Ideas for Boosting Teacher Morale

Student Perspectives: Creating Community through Activities & Sisterhood

School-based Peer Mentoring Builds Relationships, Creates Caring Communities

The Power of Reading

Blended (Social & Emotional) Learning

Character.org Technology Update

Digital Citizenship: Character Education for Digital Lifestyles

Happy Digital Learning Day!

Five Reasons to Use Game-based Assessment to Measure your Character Programming

Creating Digital Citizens: Civic Duty meets the Online Era

The Digital World: Reduce Restrictions to Increase Competence

Character & Technology Resource Roundup

Make the World Better at the 2016 National Forum

Character, Literacy, and Language Development at Bayless Junior High

The Journal of Character Education to Address Character & Curriculum

Infusing Character Into Everyday Teaching & Learning

4 Tips for Providing Effective Feedback

9 MLK Quotes to Inspire Your Day of Service

A Collaborative Curriculum: The Strengths of PBL

How Real World Lessons Lead to Academic Achievement

10 Best Blogs of 2015 - Character.org Edition

Maintaining the Connection Between Moral and Performance Character

Giving and Receiving in the Holiday Spirit: A Challenge for Parents and Kids Alike

The Rhythm of Relationships

6 Key Ingredients for Powerful Service Learning

Emotional Intelligence Charters in the Lower School

Moral Remediation through Character Mapping At the U.S. Naval Academy

Spotlight on Pennsbury: Core Values Unite the District

How Do Good Leaders Demonstrate Gratitude?

Choosing Your Core Values

How Principle 1 Changed My High School Experience

Resource Roundup: Getting Started with Core Values!

Nurturing An Attitude of Gratitude in Kids

My Son is Not My Dog

Improving Motivation through Student Voice & Choice

The Pitfalls of Extrinsic Motivation

An Attitude of Gratitude: 4 Ways to Make Veterans Day Meaningful

Examining Poverty & Cultivating Empathy: Three Books that Will Expand Your Perspective

Introducing our Champions of Character

Resource Roundup: Tools for Motivating Your Students

Promising Practices in Service Learning

Intentional Strategies for Making Bullying Prevention Effective and Fun

Tips from the Faculty Lounge - Linking Smart & Good


Mindset Matters

Linking Smart & Good: A Reflection on the 2015 Forum Theme

Teaching About Race: A Character Resource Roundup

President's Column: Bullying Prevention

Everything You Need for Bullying Prevention Month: Lesson Plans & More

Growing Good Character

7 Surprising Parenting Solutions That Boost Kids’ School Success

Raising Children of Character in a Toxic Culture

A Refreshing Take on Back to School Night

New Year, New Challenges: The Crucial Skill Missing in your Back to School Plans

A Special Message from your Favorite Event Planner, Heather Cazad

How Is Your Community Celebrating Character Day?

View from the Sidelines: A Character-Focused Half-Time

The Power of Partnering with Parents

How to Overcome Common Challenges & Engage Parents

Beyond Fundraising: Parent Involvement in Kids' Character Development

Why I Serve: A Student Perspective on Servant Leadership

Using Advisory Effectively: A Case Study

Leaders Unite Communities

Student Leadership for All

‘Big Six’ Leader in Civil Rights Movement to Keynote at National Forum on Character

Character Education—Comprehensive, Intentional and Proactive

Are you a Teacher Leader?

Fostering Student Leadership - A Character Resource Roundup

Meet the Character.org Summer Interns

Character Education Goes to Camp

The Magic of Camp

Building Unity while Navigating Change: The Story of Westwood & Bales

The Power of Example

3 Books All Educators Should Read this Summer

8 Reasons to Get Excited for the 2015 Forum on Character Education

A Model for Effective Professional Development

Faculty Book Studies: a Powerful Form of Professional Development

Resources for Meaningful Professional Development

A Surprising Move: Traditional End-of-Year Awards Ceremony Scheduled for Fall

Not Divergent: Easily Measuring Students’ Character

How Reflection Can Transform Your School

Celebrating, Assessing and Setting Goals

The 2015 National Schools of Character Press Event

3 Ways to Assess School Climate & Character

Deflated Reputations: An Ethicist's Take on Tom Brady's Actions

Appreciating Teachers: How Can Principals Show They Care?

Character.org Staff Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Character Resource Roundup: How Do I Assess School Climate?

Connecting Character and Content

How a Meaningful Curriculum Can Help Prevent Cheating

Why We Don't Have the Smartest Kids (or Best Schools) in the World

Remembering Columbine

Teaching with Tomorrow in Mind: Fostering Global Leadership

Four Mouse Clicks

Teaching about Genocide: Reflecting as a Community

How Almost Losing My Job Led to More Inspired Teaching

Teaching Character within a Rigorous Curriculum

Resources for a Meaningful & Challenging Curriculum

8 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Teacher Leadership: Opportunities for your own Moral Action

Taking Service Learning to the Next Level: Cultivating Leaders

Coaching for Character: Tips from Dale Murphy's Writing

Beyond Recycling: Spotlight on Environmental Action at Chesterfield

More Than Community Service: Creating Opportunities for Moral Action

Character Development: On and Off the Field

How to Empower Students through Service Learning: Spotlight on Cherry Hill Alternative High

Character Resource Roundup: Tools to Help Teach Service Learning

Founded on Caring: A Case Study of Sadler Arts Academy

Start Early: Teaching Character in Early Childhood Education

Placemats for Kindness

Why are Sports Valuable for Our Kids?

Starting Your Character Education Journey

Get Ready for Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Tired of Testing? Let Your Voice Be Heard

Character Resource Roundup: Creating Caring & Kind Classrooms

Building Strong Relationships: What Successful Schools Do Differently

Resource Roundup: Creating Caring & Kind Classrooms

Final score: 161-2

The Classroom as a Caring Community

Why Should We Celebrate President's Day?

5 Random Acts of Kindness for Teachers and Why You Should Do One Now

Get Ready for Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Annie Fox Addresses Bullying Issues in "Whose Kids Are These Anyway"

Proactive Approaches to Bullying Prevention: Two Schools Share Their Success

Starting Your Character Education Journey

What is your school doing for others? Reflecting on Service Learning

Lessons from a Sidewalk—the Power of Social Norming

Ferguson—How do you teach when hearts are hurting?

Integrating Character Across Subjects

10 Things Students Remember

Announcing our New Director of Communications, Tucker Wannamaker

Finding Kind

Performance Character and How to Foster It

Can Educators Actually Assess a Student’s Character?

Olympic Illusions: Is Character One of Them?

Teaching Animal Appreciation: A Pathway to Character

How to Become a Socially Inclusive School

H.O.P.E. - Souls, Minds and Hearts, All Beating as One

How Are Social-Emotional Learning and the Common Core Connected?


What is Character Education?

The Character of George Bailey

We Truly Are All in this Character Effort Together

A Mid-Year Reflection for Teachers and Students

Time for Character Education

When Hate Speech Goes Unchallenged

A Call to All Social-Emotional Learning Leaders

Our Friends in the Philippines – Please Help

School Safety Summit Recap Part 2

School Safety Summit Recap: Part 1

Q. What can schools do to keep students safe?

Can Cyber-citizenship Tame the Digital ‘Wild West’?

Rules and Incentives

Renewing commitments, battling bullies, and celebrating servant-leaders

Literature as a Path to Good Character and Better Decisions

A Virtues-Based Community: More than just a Dream

Adventures in Student Teaching: My First Day at School (Take One & Two)

The OCHO Project: Read for a Need--Teaching Children to Help Others

Taking Your School from Good to Great

Character Is Our Super Power

Powerful Analogies From Nature that Build Character

Using Assessment for Sustainability and Impact in Character Education

Creating Safe Spaces that Nurture Learning

The Kindness of Strangers: Help a Kid Gear Up for School

The Content of Our Character

How to Wean Kids from TV and Video Games and Back into L.I.F.E.

Happy Campers Building Character

Character Education Data and the New Character Map

Character & Class: Why We Love #42

Extra Early Bird Promotion Discount Ends Soon!

Empathy: To lead is to listen and to learn

The 8 C’s of Character

It really is a 'Grand Old Flag'

Can You Create 'Quality Time'?

Summer Reading—for Pleasure and for Professional Development

How Can Schools and Districts of Character Create Safe and Civil Schools?

Heroes On and Off the Screen

Leaders Must Earn Their Stripes Every Day

Be More Than a Bystander: Speak Up Against Bullying and Violence

What's the Character Lesson in the Rutgers Coaching Incident?

Save the Date for CEP's 2013 Forum

Education as the Key to Equality: Where Does the Department of Education Stand?

Bullied By Our Own Misconceptions: Do We Define Bullying Too Broadly?

The Legacy of an Honorable Man: Remembering Sandy McDonnell

Promising Practices Spotlight: Clifton-Clyde High School

Promising Practices Spotlight: Brennan Woods Elementary School

Promising Practices Spotlight: Bonneville Elementary School

Promising Practices Spotlight: Bayless Intermediate

Promising Practices Spotlight: Bayless Elementary School

Promising Practices Spotlight: Baldwin High

Promising Practices Spotlight: Alton Middle School

The Power of Perseverance: Character, Health and Fitness

Promising Practices Spotlight: Alcoa Elementary School

Reducing School Violence by Teaching Empathy

Tips from the Trenches: Student Services

Lessons in Character and Integrity from Les Miserables

Tips from the Trenches: School Safety

What’s the Worst Part of the Lance Armstrong Cheating Scandal?

‘Our journey is not complete’, either

Committing to the Sandy Hook Promise

Character Education in the Digital Age

Happy Holidays and A Call to Action from Mark Hyatt

A New Kind of No Child Left Behind

How to Talk to Kids About the Newtown School Shooting

Helping Your Child Achieve Mature Independence

Model Good Character with Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts

National School of Character Helps Neighboring School after Sandy

Should We Require Teaching Digital Citizenship? Yes.

National Schools of Character Lead Post-Sandy Service Learning

Call for Stories: How Are You Helping Superstorm Sandy's Victims?

Nurturing an Attitude of Gratitude in Kids

Another Sports Hero Turned Fraud? ‘Say It Ain’t So’

What Does It Mean to be a Character Role Model?

To Err is Human, to Forgive... Well, that's Character.

Why Do These National Schools of Character Do Character Education?

How can we create more just and democratic schools?

Proud to Present our 2012 Promising Practices for Character Education

The Fundamentals of Social Media

Character Beyond the Classroom: Cesar Chavez and Fred Korematsu

2012 Promising Practices In Character Education Winners

The Powerful Effect of Parenting

Michele Borba's Essential 6 R’s of Bullying Prevention

National School of Character Case Study- Plattin Primary in Missouri

Are You A Cathedral Builder or a Stone Chipper?

Day 1 Recap

Dealing with Difficult Students, A Challenge Worth Accepting

CEP's 2012 International Summit on Character Education

On the bus to Mt Vernon: Kansas character education case study

Preventing Bullying and Developing Leaders

Where the Spirit of Learning Soars & Character Grows: a Good-to-Great Story

When Is It Okay to Reward Children for Doing the Right Thing?

Broken Kids Are Breaking All of Us

President's Post: Leadership’s Most Essential Ingredient

Words into Action: Service Learning as a Teaching Strategy

Remembering Sandy McDonnell's Commitment to Character Education

Why Do You Do Character Education?

President's Post: Off We Go!

Everything You Need

Help for Parents: 18 Tips to Protect Your Teen from Cyber-bullies

President's Post: Can Character Be Taught? In a Word, "Yes!"

Preventing Academic Dishonesty Part 3: Students & Peer Pressure

Back to School and Back to Stress for Some Students

President's Post: Broader Impact of Bullying

7 Surprising Parenting Solutions That Boost Kids’ School Success

Back to School, Back to Social Garbage

Staying in the Question

From Classroom Rules to Class Promises

Character Education with Chess

Empathy in Action

Bully Prevention: Helping Kids Cool Hot Tempers

Connecting Service Learning to Character and Academic Growth

Character and the Economy: Why Do Performance Values Matter?

Solutionary Education Reform

4 Safety Rules to Curb Cyber-bullying

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Kids Reading

Preventing Academic Dishonesty Part 2: What Teachers Can Do

What's Different for Students in a School of Character?

Preventing Academic Dishonesty: What Parents Can Do

Surprising Ways to Nurture Empathy in Kids

Recent Scandals Highlight Need for Role Models

What Graduates Really Need to Know

5 Steps to Boost Reliability and Responsibility in Children

'Bully'-- It’s Time to Stop Talking!

Eight Secrets to Raise "Can Do" Kids

Earth Day Service-Learning Ideas

Bullying Prevention: What Really Works

CEP and The Virtues Project Offer Free Tickets to See the Movie Bully

Preventing Bullying—a Teacher’s Perspective

What Sandy Showed Me

Helping Girls Become Confident Leaders

Common Core: Building the Moral Infrastructure through Character Ed

19 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied and What to Do about It

Member of Post-Columbine Generation Reflects on School Shooting

15 Serious Facts about High School Stress

38 Parenting Practices That Build Moral Intelligence

Resistance to Character Education

Nurturing Tolerance to Reduce Bullying

Does 'Teaching to the Test' Actually Encourage Cheating?

Why Kids Bully

Character Education Isn't a Quick Fix, but Well Worth the Effort.

You Got A Case

When Legal Isn't Enough: Penn State's Moral Character Issues

Veterans Day - A Teachable Moment

Technology and Character Education

Where Gardens Grow Character

Resiliency in Youth: The Power of the Entrepreneur Mindset

Start the School Year Off Right

The Power of Revisions, Part II

Attending the Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools annual conference

Save our Schools March in Washington

Service doesn't end with the school year!

Creating "a culture of integrity" in Atlanta Public Schools

Pulling up bootstraps

Graduation Wisdom

International Comparisons

Assessing the Challenge Index

The Expenses of Prom

Ways to Celebrate Our Teachers

Funding Ideas for Attending the National Forum

Earth Day Activities

Challenge All Students to Seek Mastery over Performance

Upgrading the Website

Bowls for Hunger

History of Julian - Youth Service Project

Building a Caring Community

Bullying in Schools: A Strategic Solution

Engage families, communities in character-building

NSOC Outreach

I Believe in Me!

Creating Tomorrow's Leaders

A Rare and Important Privilege

A Community of Character

RAGBRAI and Core Values

Optimizing the High School Experience

Avoiding Teacher Burnout

The Greenfield Way: Transforming our School Culture with Character-Based Discipline

Assessment and Sustainability

"Character By Design" - Systematic Character Education Curriculum Development

Character Education and Service: Narratives That Engage Difference and Friendship

Celebrating Cultural Differences in a Caring School Community

Character Education Strategies for Life

Service leadership from younger students


PBIS and Character Education: An Evolution towards Best Practice

Unethical, Illegal, or Just Dumb?

Ignite "The Passion for What is Right" in Teens

Character Integration - authentic or artificial?

What is the impact of awards programs on students?

More on Integrating Character Education

2009 National Schools of Character Award Winners Announced

Integrating Character Education Into the Curriculum

O, Captain, my Captain

2009 Conference - 16th National Forum on Character Education

Welcome to the official CEP Blog on Character